We connect Brands, Retailers and Consumers

Boost customer experiences and give your products a unique identity with our Digital Product Passport platform, connecting your brand, consumers, and products seamlessly.
A FILA shoe with a digital product passport using NFC being tapped.
Used by the happiest brands on the planet

Revolutionize the way customers experience your brand and products

Discover our platform's power to elevate your brand and customer experience. Dive into key benefits that foster customer connections, transparency, and growth, while emphasizing sustainability and trust

Slide through the benefits our platform offer.

Enhanced Brand Storytelling

Create immersive, engaging, and interactive experiences around your products to strengthen brand identity and loyalty.

Continuous Consumer Insights

Unlock a never-ending flow of valuable consumer insights by capturing real-time consumer data and behavior.

Sustainability Reporting

Commit to the environment by presenting your product's PEF (Product Environmental Footprint) and sustainability data, allowing consumers to make informed choices.

Grow your DTC Sales

Capitalize up-sell and cross-sell opportunities foster deep direct-to-consumer approaches with your customers.

Effortless Support & Warranty

Streamline  customer support and warranty processes with instant product identification, ensuring a seamless experience.

Smart Lost & Found Solutions

Empower honest finders to return lost products to their rightful owners with a straightforward Lost & Found system, providing peace of mind for consumers.

Product authentication

Verify the authenticity of products and protect your brand against counterfeiting.

What we do

1. Take a product

2. Add QR/NFC

3. Build and deploy
your product passport

4. Sit back and see
your brand grow

Certifications & Protocols

How it Works

The platform provides brands with the tools they need to create dynamic, personalized digital experiences at scale.

Enable your products with QR codes or NFC tags

Build and deploy Digital Product Passports in our Passport Studio

Measure interactions and evaluate KPIs in real-time

Tap or scan the digitalized product with a phone

A digital product passport showing product information on a smartphone

Experience launches automatically — no app required

An iPhone with a virtual wardrobe after a consumer scanned an NFC/QR tag

Enjoy a digital experience personalized to you

Digital Product Passport solutions for your industries

Digital Product Passport solutions for industries. See how Tappr can improve customer experience and expand top and bottom-line performance in your industry.
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