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Tappr helps brands digitize their products with QR/NFC Technology. Consumers can access product-specific information and services - right from their mobile devices.
A FILA shoe with a digital product passport using NFC being tapped.

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Revolutionise the way customers experience your brand and products

Discover our platform's power to elevate your brand and customer experience. Dive into key benefits that foster customer connections, transparency, and growth, while emphasizing sustainability and trust

Digital Product

Ensure that consumers have access to reliable information about material, product, and supply chain metrics. Using digital product passports, you can affirm regulatory compliance and facilitate an ecosystem supporting recycling.


Experience the power of meaningful customer connections with our unique product and consumer registration solution. Unlock valuable insights across all channels, propelling your CRM growth and boosting your customers' lifetime value.

Brand & consumer

Assure both primary and secondary owners of their purchase's authenticity. Also, our solution is designed to identify gray market activities and parallel import streams, ensuring your brand's integrity and security. Shop with confidence, and buy with assurance.‌

Lost and Found

Empower honest finders to return lost products to their rightful owners with a straightforward Lost & Found system, providing peace of mind for consumers.

Repair and Resale

Our innovative Resale and Repair module empowers your brand to extend product life cycles and unlock new revenue streams. Boost customer loyalty by offering affordable, certified pre-owned products and reliable repair services.

Warranty, Support, and spare part commerce

Streamline customer support and warranty processes with instant product identification, ensuring a seamless experience. Enable consumers and retailers to find and order spare parts that fit their needs effectively.

What we do

Take a product




Build and deploy your product passport


Your products are
now digitized


Why Choose Tappr

Value Driven

We offer a rich feature set that drives value for consumers, brands, and retailers. It is developed together with our clients and proven in real-world scenarios.

Integration First

We have an extensive API that enables solutions that seamlessly integrate with your existing core systems. Nobody should waste precious time copying and pasting data between systems.

Experts on passports

We are the leading experts in digital product passports, revolutionizing the way brands connect with consumers. Trust us to elevate your brand and enhance customer experiences.

Digital Product Passport solutions for your industries

Digital Product Passport solutions for industries. See how Tappr can improve customer experience and expand top and bottom-line performance in your industry.

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