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We bridge the gap between brands, consumers, and products with our innovative Digital Product Passport platform.
A FILA shoe with a digital product passport using NFC being tapped.
Used by the happiest brands on the planet

How Digital Product Passport can help

Boost your customer experience

Inspire your consumer with compelling stories about your brand and products.

Collect consumer data with 1-click registration

Unlock valuable insights into your customers with our consumer registration, allowing you to have deeper, personalized conversations.

Drive revenue with up & cross-sell

Turn you products into a new channel and discover new ways to drive more revenue by using upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Transparant Product Journey

Inspire your consumers with insights into the store-to-farm journey and environmental impacts, through a clear and engaging experience.

4R Solution: Recycle, Reuse, Resale, Repair

Elevate sustainability, lower costs, and extend product life with our 4R solution"

Hassle-free warranty & support

Instant product identifications results in easy support for consumers, and improves effiency by 70% in customer support processes.

How it Works

The platform provides brands with the tools they need to create dynamic, personalized digital experiences at scale.

Enable your products with QR codes or NFC tags

Build and deploy Digital Product Passports in our Passport Studio

Measure interactions and evaluate KPIs in real-time

Tap or scan the digitalized product with a phone

A digital product passport showing product information on a smartphone

Experience launches automatically — no app required

An iPhone with a virtual wardrobe after a consumer scanned an NFC/QR tag

Enjoy a digital experience personalized to you

Digital Product Passport solutions for your industries

Digital Product Passport solutions for industries. See how Tappr can improve customer experience and expand top and bottom-line performance in your industry.
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