Authenticate Every Step: Digital IDs For Footwear

Connect your physical footwear to customizable digital experiences. Powered by cutting-edge blockchain technology, Digital Product Passports are your direct line to consumers for brand storytelling, product traceability, and exclusive content.

Trust built on 100+ global partnerships

Protect your brand & customers with on-demand authentication

Empower informed choices with Digital Product Passports
Our platform equips your footwear with a digital passport, filled with detailed information unique to each shoe. Product materials, origin stories, and environmental impact are readily available for consumers directly on their phone.
Have confidence in every purchase with NFC-enabled authentication
Enable instant authentication by embedding NFC tags within your footwear. With a quick tap, consumers can instantly verify authenticity, ensuring confidence in their purchase and total peace of mind.
Secure your brand and market share from fakes & counterfeits
DPPs act as an advanced security layer, deterring counterfeiters and safeguarding your brand identity, reputation, and market share.

Modernize your brand strategy and drive more direct sales with DPPs

Build brand loyalty no matter where your shoes are sold
DPPs directly connect your brand to your customers, regardless of if the shoes were purchased through a marketplace, retail store and reseller.
Drag & drop your way to captivating content
Taper’s user-friendly drag-and-drop passport builder makes it easy to create engaging experiences. Showcase the inspiration behind your designs, highlight collaborations, and bring your brand story to life with captivating content.
Generate buzz and leverage exclusivity
Announce limited-edition releases, VIP events, exclusive sales, and loyalty programs directly through the shoe's DPP. Keep your consumers engaged and informed, ensuring they never miss out on exciting updates.


Brand Protection
Combat counterfeiting with secure product authentication.
Avoid gray markets
Maintain control over distribution channels and prevent unauthorized sales.
Inform on materials, sourcing, place of origin and transport.
EU DPP Compliance
Meet the requirements of the evolving European Union Digital Product Passport (DPP) directives.
Product Traceability
Capture the entire chain of product movement from manufacturer to consumer.
Dynamic Content
Personalize consumer experiences by dynamically populating content from each product's Digital ID.


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