Deliver exceptional digital customer experiences at scale

Digital Product Passports aren’t just a technology. It's a strategic shift towards a more connected experience between your brand and customers. Turn every purchase into a touchpoint for brand storytelling, exclusive content and personalized upsells.

Trust built on 100+ global partnerships

Break free from marketplace limitations, bring your story directly to consumers

Reach consumers, no matter where they buy
No more relying on marketplaces and third-party sites with your brand’s narrative. Instead connect directly with every consumer via the scan of a QR code.
Empower consumers to truly know their product
Provide transparent and detailed information about every product. Go beyond traditional care labels with access to verification of authenticity, proof of ownership and warranty services.
Use storytelling to become consumer’s go-to brand
Share the stories that differentiate you and communicate your brand’s mission. Showcase the ethically sourced materials, the artisanal craftsmanship or the inspiration that sparked a collection.

Take an innovative approach to brand marketing

Turn one-time buyers into brand advocates with exclusive experiences
Make your mark in the experience economy with unique promotions tailored to consumer’s specific interests. Offer limited-edition collaborations, early access to new products, or pop-up event invitations.
Reward the relationship, not just the transaction
Digital Product Passports become the consumer’s personal record of their experience with your brand. Track past purchases, care interactions, and preferences for rewards and loyalty programs.
Meet a consumer’s evolving needs with personalized upsells & repeat purchases
Increase customer satisfaction and boost sales with recommendations that feel curated, not forced. Use this insight to recommend complementary items or upgrades they'll genuinely love.


Reassure consumers that an item is authentic with secure product authentication.
Facilitate repairs with access to guides, spare parts, and authorized repair providers.
Lost & found
Protect customers with built-in lost-and-found features for easy item recovery.
Securely store a digital version of warranties for hassle-free service & claims.
Product Info
Provide details on materials, sourcing, origin, and transportation.
Empower consumers to resell, return, re-use or recycle items when they are done with them.


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