The All-in-One Platform for Digital Product Passports

Simplify the creation, integration, and management of Digital Product Passports.  Embrace transparency throughout the entire supply chain to ensure compliance, protect your brand and better engage consumers.

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Customize dynamic, engaging product experiences

Our intuitive drag-and-drop builder and rich content options make it easy to create compelling product passports.
Drag-and-drop builder: No coding required! Build visually stunning product passports with our intuitive interface.
Rich content options: Include detailed product information, compelling descriptions, and captivating visuals to tell your product story.
White labeled & branded: Maintain your brand identity with complete control over the design of your digital product passports including having built-in brand guidelines.

Centralize all your product information

Connect effortlessly with your existing systems, centralizing all your product information in one secure platform.
Integration first: Tappr seamlessly integrates with your PIM and other platforms for a centralized data hub.
Populate at scale: Define and populate key data points for your products, ensuring consistent and accurate information.
Product traceability: Track every step from production to purchase with a complete chain of custody, giving you real-time product movement insights.

Share securely and stay complIAnt

Our platform works with your existing systems and vendors, along with meeting evolving global standards for compliance and sustainability.
Secure QR code generation: Generate QR codes with your supplier for secure and reliable product identification.
GS1 Digital Ids: Tappr follows GS1 global standards for secure and universally recognized product identification.
EU Digital Product Passport ready: Future-proof your product information with DPP solutions that meet upcoming EU regulations for circular economy and ecodesign.

What our clients say

“Tappr is a perfect fit with Studio Anneloes' sustainability initiatives. We are proud of the Digital Product Passport (DPP) we developed together, offering our customers valuable product transparency and information. Working with Tappr means taking innovative steps together with a team that has the necessary skills and knowledge and are fun to work with as well!”
Laura Koedijk | Sustainability Manager
“Our entire customer experience has been strengthened with Tappr. Using Digital Product passports, we’ve had the opportunity to directly interact with our consumers and give them relevant product info & content, making it a win-win for both of us”.
Peet van der Slot | Chief Operating Officer
Logo from our client Brinckers
“Tappr plays a key role in our company's continued innovation, especially in the areas of sustainability and customer service. Having a digital point of inquiry for all product-related information such as warranties, maintenance guides and service is a game-changer for both our consumers and retailers”.
Pieter Booij | Owner
“Tappr gives us an even more direct connection to our customers than before. Now every board is an opportunity to give a premium experience with surfing tips, repair guides and service offers”.
Marijke Dijkstra | Marketing

One Passport, Endless Possibilities:
Tailor Content to Every Need

Resale & Recycle
Empower consumers to resell, return, re-use or recycle items when they are done with them.
Warranty & Services
Securely store a digital version of warranties for hassle-free service & claims.
Reassure consumers that an item is authentic with secure product authentication.
Lost & Found
Protect customers with built-in lost-and-found features for easy item recovery.
Repair & Maintenance
Access repair guides, find parts, and connect with authorized repair providers.
Upsells & Offers
Drive sales with upgrades, add-on recommendations, exclusive deals and loyalty rewards.

Frequently asked questions

What is a digital product passport?

A digital product passport (DPP) is essentially a digital record that contains key information about a product throughout its lifecycle. The purpose of a digital product passport is to enhance transparency, traceability, and sustainability in product management.

This information can include details on:

  • Raw material sourcing
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Sustainability factors
  • Recycling potential
  • Legal compliance

DPPs also provide a platform for sharing brand and customer focused experiences such as how-to guides, care tips, product demos, exclusive content, and more.

How does traceability work with a digital product passport?

Each product will have a unique identifier, like a scannable code (QR code, RFID tag) or a serial number. This acts like the digital fingerprint of the product. 

Throughout the product's lifecycle, relevant information is linked to this unique identifier.

The DPP data is securely stored in a central repository or distributed ledger. This ensures data integrity and prevents tampering.

This ensures that information about the product and its journey is readily available to manufacturers, distributors, retailers, customers, and other stakeholders.

What is a GS1 Digital Link?

A GS1 Digital Link is essentially a way to turn a barcode into a link to the internet. 

It is a way to bridge the gap between the physical world of products and the digital world of information.

  • For Consumers: By scanning a GS1 Digital Link barcode with their smartphone, consumers can access a variety of information about the product, such as detailed descriptions, instructional videos, or recall notices


  • For Brands: GS1 Digital Links can improve efficiency and traceability throughout the supply chain by providing easy access to accurate product data.

Why is GS1 Digital Link important for brands?

GS1 is a global organization that develops standards for supply chains. GS1 standards ensure seamless communication and data sharing between various systems and players in the ecosystem.

This is important to prevent vendor lock-in and improve efficiency. Read more about GS1 Digital Links here.


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