Equip your sports gear with Digital Product Passports

Transform every piece of equipment into an access point for user guides, warranty information, and repair services. Drive customer satisfaction and brand loyalty with hyper-targeted content tailored to specific products, for a branded experience from purchase to performance.

Trust built on 100+ global partnerships

Stay ahead with seamless customer support

Offer a best-in-class lost & found service
Lost a ski pole? Need a replacement part? Customers can easily report lost equipment through the platform, increasing the chances of a successful reunion.
Effortless part replacement, warranty and support
Make it easy for customers to find what they need including repair, warranty and spare parts. DPPs give instant access to the most important equipment information, all in one place.
Faster adoption and higher customer satisfaction
Provide user manuals, instructional videos, and even connect directly to your technical support team. Optimize onboarding with step-by-step guides and even multilingual options for a global audience.

Build a lifestyle around your brand

Hyper-targeted content for every product
DPPs aren't just about manuals and warranties. Offer exclusive content tailored to specific equipment, like instructional videos for best camping spots to pitch a tent or expert guides on choosing the right surfboard for different wave conditions.
Every tent, surfboard, or piece of equipment becomes a touchpoint
Keep your customers in the loop about upcoming events, new gear collections, and exclusive brand collaborations — all accessible through a single scan of their equipment.
Don't just sell equipment, give branded experiences
Foster a thriving community around your brand by showcasing athlete journeys, hosting online challenges, and even curating exclusive excursions for your most loyal fans.


GS1 Digital IDs
We follow GS1 global standards for secure and universally recognized product identification.
Empower consumers to resell, return, re-use or recycle items when they are done with them.
EU DPP Compliance
Meet the requirements of the evolving European Union Digital Product Passport (DPP) directives.
Product traceability
Capture the entire chain of product movement from manufacturer to consumer.
Dynamic Content
Personalize experiences by dynamically populating content from each product's Digital ID.
Drag & drop builder
Create engaging brand experiences across devices without coding.


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