Ensure Compliance with EU Ecodesign Regulations

Confidently navigate upcoming regulations and set your brand up for long-term success. Tappr makes it simple to create, manage, and share Digital Product Passports across your entire supply chain. Staying compliant with regulations has never been easier.

Trust built on 100+ global partnerships

Meet all DPP regulatory requirements with confidence

Be prepared for the coming wave of EU regulations
EU regulations are tightening with DPPs set to become mandatory. The EU's proposed Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation (ESPR) is coming into effect as early as 2027 for textiles.
Create comprehensive DPPs for all your products
Tappr makes creating, managing, and sharing DPPs a breeze. Our DPP solution follows the latest EU standardization guidelines for seamless data exchange and interoperability across your entire value chain.
Effortless compliance for today and tomorrow
Set yourself up for global success as sustainability regulations become the norm. Our team stays current on all EU regulations and updates, helping you remain compliant throughout.

Forget greenwashing, embrace transparency with Tappr

Trace product origins with absolute certainty
Tappr leverages blockchain technology for unparalleled transparency. Every detail, from the origin of materials and manufacturing processes to compliance certifications and sustainability initiatives, is available with a simple scan.
Build trust with readily accessible product information
Empower your consumers and stakeholders with clear, verifiable data. With a simple scan, they can gain insights into your products' environmental footprint and potential for circularity.
Lead the charge towards a sustainable future
With Tappr, compliance isn't a hurdle — it's a competitive advantage. Showcase your commitment to sustainability by providing crucial information that sets you apart as a leader in your industry.


Product Traceability
Capture the entire chain of product movement from manufacturer to consumer.
Unified Data
Tappr seamlessly integrates information from various systems into a single, centralized platform.
Provide clear information about your products' environmental impact and circularity potential.
GS1 Digital IDs
We follow GS1 global standards for secure and universally recognized product identification.
ISO 27001 Certified
Tappr prioritizes data security and is ISO 2701K certified, guaranteeing the highest security standards.
Integrations & APIs
Extend the capabilities of your products with our API.


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