Digital Product Passports for Bags

Our secure, blockchain-enabled Digital Product Passports seamlessly combines compliance standards with innovative experiences. Ensure trust and transparency for every handbag with on-demand authentication and integrated lost & found features.

Trust built on 100+ global partnerships

Deliver unmatched experiences directly to consumers

Dive deep into the story behind each bag
Showcase your craftsmanship, sourcing of materials and commitment to quality. With a simple scan, customers can access product details, care instructions and cleaning tips directly through their phone.
Deliver top-notch services after purchase
Create lasting value with services such as handbag registration and lost & found recovery. Bag owners can report missing items, increasing the chance of a successful reunion.
Elevate your brand with next-gen customer experiences
Fuel the buzz with exclusive content tailored to each bag. Offer limited-edition accessories, bag care kits, or personalized engraving options accessible only through the DPP.

Have a future-proof solution for brand protection

Confirm every bag’s authenticity with a scan
Use secure tags and blockchain technology to guarantee a handbag's authenticity. Fight counterfeiting and build trust, giving customers a peace of mind with every purchase.
Product traceability for transfer of ownership
Have a single source of truth for all product information — including authentication, warranty, registration — for distributors, retailers, resellers and every customer.
Meet compliance & sustainability regulations
Stay ahead of the curve with DPP solutions that meet evolving global standards, including the upcoming EU Digital Product Passport Regulation.


EU DPP Compliance
Meet the requirements of the evolving European Union Digital Product Passport (DPP) directives.
Avoid gray markets
Maintain control over distribution channels and prevent unauthorized sales.
Empower consumers to resell, return, re-use or recycle items when they are done with them.
Drag & drop builder
Create engaging brand experiences across devices without coding.
Dynamic Content
Personalize experiences by dynamically populating content from each product's Digital ID.
Upsells & exclusive offers
Drive sales with personalized upgrade options & recommendations.


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