Fabric to Future: Digital Product Passports for Apparel

Elevate your apparel with Digital Product Passports. Give detailed descriptions and let your products tell their story through a QR code scan. Gain valuable insights to tailor consumer experiences, build trust with transparency and drive forward sustainability initiatives

Trust built on 100+ global partnerships

Capture your product and connect your brand directly to consumers

Empower consumers with detailed product information
Digital Product Passports (DPPs) provide complete transparency with easy access to info like user care, environmental impact, material composition, and supply chain origins.
Create a deeper connection through interactive content
Build your passport with content directly linked to the product. Showcase care tutorials, repair guides, and styling tips for a modern approach to your brand experience.
Leverage DPP insights to personalize marketing strategies
Recommend complementary items, suggest care routines, and deliver targeted promotions directly through the digital passport.

Drive Sustainability and Compliance with Digital Product Passports

Stay Ahead of Consumer Demands and Regulatory Changes
Digital Product Passports guarantee complete transparency and garment traceability, this aligns perfectly with today's eco-conscious consumer who wants to know where they
Embrace Sustainable Practices for Long-Term Impact
Extend product lifespan, promote responsible end-of-life practices, support resale and recycling initiatives, and drive towards a circular fashion economy.
Streamline Compliance and Future-Proof Your Brand
Our platform simplifies compliance with regulations like the EU's Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation (ESPR), ensuring your brand's readiness for a sustainable future.


GS1 Digital IDs
We follow GS1 global standards for secure and universally recognized product identification.
Empower consumers to resell, return, re-use or recycle items when they are done with them.
EU DPP Compliance
Meet the requirements of the evolving European Union Digital Product Passport (DPP) directives.
Customizable pages
Design the experience with complete white labeling and multi-brand guide support.
Dynamic Content
Personalize experiences by dynamically populating content from each product's Digital ID.
Drag & drop builder
Create engaging brand experiences across devices without coding.


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