Drive sustainability with transparent & traceable products

Join the circular economy revolution with Digital Product Passports. Leverage blockchain technology for verifiable data, responsible consumption, and a new level of transparency for consumers.

Trust built on 100+ global partnerships

Secure your brand’s sustainability record with blockchain technology

Have a record of every product’s lifecycle
Facilitate and manage traceability of upstream data, from raw materials to manufacturing and transportation. Leverage insights to design eco-friendly products and minimize your environmental footprint.
Fight greenwashing with transparency
Meet the demands of consumers, policy makers and industry standards with verifiable data on your sustainability efforts. Showcase your commitment to eco-conscious practices with confidence.
Comply with upcoming EU sustainability initiatives
DPPs offer a future-proof solution for upcoming EU regulations. Our DPP solution ensures compliance and establishes your brand’s commitment to responsible consumption.

Facilitate circular economy initiatives directly in your DPP

Contribute to informed purchases and sustainable consumption
Replace confusing care instructions and one-size-fits-all labels. Digital Product Passports give customers easy access to detailed information, including care and wash instructions ensuring they get the most out of your purchase.
Create a fashion ecosystem that lasts
Provide care tips, repair guides, and even maintenance services directly in your DPP. When it's time to move on, facilitate responsible end-of-life options via resale platforms or certified recycling partners.
Faster and more efficient recycling processes
DPPs provide a clear picture of a garment's materials, allowing for precise sorting at recycling facilities, leading to less contamination and faster processing.


EU DPP Compliance
Meet the requirements of the evolving European Union Digital Product Passport (DPP) directives.
GS1 Digital IDs
We follow GS1 global standards for secure and universally recognized product identification.
ISO 27001 Certified
Tappr prioritizes data security and is ISO 2701K certified, guaranteeing the highest security standards.
Product Traceability
Capture the entire chain of product movement from manufacturer to consumer.
Dynamic Content
Personalize by dynamically populating content from each product's Digital ID.
Integrations & APIs
Integrate with your PIM and other platforms for a centralized data hub.


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