About Tappr

We are proud to call Rotterdam our home.

We are a team of passionate digital natives dedicated to deliver unmatched value to brands.

At Tappr, we believe in the power of technology to transform the world for the better.
That's why we've dedicated ourselves to developing a platform that provides brands with the tools they need to offer meaningful, valuable experiences to their customers.
Our extensive focus on Digital Product Passports sets us apart from competitors.
We're proud of what we've built so far, and we're even more excited about what the future holds. We believe that the future of branding lies in technology, and we're committed to being at the forefront of that change.

Our Story

We started small, and are now becoming the world’s leading Digital Product Passport platform.

Our focus?

Building the world’s best DPP solution.

Our goal?

We want brands to create deeper connections with their customers. Through our platform, brands stimulate consumers to utilize their products better, longer, and in a more meaningful way.

Digital product passports should be accessible to all brands, small and big, and we're committed to constantly improving and expanding our platform to ensure that our clients have the tools they need to succeed in today's digital landscape.

Certifications & Protocols



(listen, understand, help)


(challenge, seek, explore)


(act, preempt, experiment)


(consider, reflect, imagine)

How it Works

The platform provides brands with the tools they need to create dynamic, personalized digital experiences at scale.

Digitalize products with connecting technologies like QR or NFC

Build and deploy Digital Product Passports in the Passport Studio

Measure interactions and evaluate KPIs in real-time

Tap or scan the digitalized product with a phone

Experience launches automatically — no app required

A man infront of a wardrobe tapping his product

Enjoy a digital experience personalized to you