An introduction to NFC, how does it work?


NFC stands for Near Field Communication, a miniaturized communication technology that allows two devices to communicate with each other by touching them together or bringing them in close proximity. It is the most straightforward and convenient way to transfer small amounts of data such as contact details or a unique url to a mobile experience. It's a quick and easy way that you can use and it doesn't require mobile apps to work.

Common Questions & Answers

What is the size of an NFC tag

The size of an NFC tag is approximately 25 millimeters, about the size of a coin and as flat as a piece of paper.

What is the range of an NFC?

A typical NFC used by Tappr works between 3cm and 8 cm. It varies based on the type of NFC you are using, with high-frequency NFC you can experience ranges as high as 30 centimeters.

How does NFC work with a mobile experience?

The process of NFC with mobile experiences is as follows:

1. Hold your smart phone near an NFC tag
2. The phone buzzes and asks you to open the URL
3. The website loads and the mobile experience starts

What is inside an NFC tag?

There are two basic components:

  • Antenna
  • Microchip

The antenna allows the tag to receive power from the phone, after the microchip is powered, a signal is returned through the antenna and the phone receives a small piece of data.

Do NFC tags have a battery?

An NFC tag does not have a battery. The power for the NFC tag comes entirely from the mobile phone.

Is privacy at risk when using NFC tags?

NFC is a passive tag, it does not have GPS or microphones or any other sensor. It is only a way to communicate and share data. We do not store any data on an NFC tag, only a reference to an online experience, information in the experience that is 'sensitive' is protected, like any other application.

What does NFC Tag encoding mean?

NFC Tag encoding is writing or transferring data to the NFC tag. Besides the data, you can specify the way the tag communicates with mobile phones. Whether tags are allowed to be rewritten and how often they're allowed to be scanned.

What is the price of an NFC tag?

It depends on the tag type, encoding of the tag and the volume of tags ordered. Often, the most basic tags start at 0.15 cent per piece when bought in bulk.