Charming and Tappr: Partnership Announcement

New partnership: See how Tappr and Charming help brands promote sustainability and transparency using Digital Product Passports.

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We're thrilled to announce our partnership with Charming, leading global supplier of trim, packaging, RFID & digital solutions. Through this collaboration, Charming will offer our innovative Digital Product Passport (DPP) software to their extensive customer base.

“We see digital solutions as an ever-growing part of our business. The digital IDs linking product data attributes and values to the physical garment are an extension of the client data we already handle as our daily business. Offering a user-friendly and powerful digital solution for consumers is key. This bridges the gap between the physical product and its digital information, allowing us to provide our clients with a complete solution from start to finish.”

- Neil Greenhalgh, Director Of Digital Solutions at Charming

Sustainability & traceability will be at the core of every garment

Consumers, regulators and industry standards now demand more sustainable practices and greater transparency throughout the product lifecycle. This partnership is driven by a shared vision:

  • Promoting Sustainability and Transparency: We believe sustainability shouldn't be a burden. DPPs provide clear information about a product's journey, from raw materials to its final destination. Supply chain transparency not only benefits the environment but also the business.
  • Meeting Regulatory Requirements: Digital Product Passports are poised to become mandatory regulations, not just in the EU, but globally. This partnership equips Charming’s customers to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Empowering Consumers: Imagine using technology to learn about the origin of your clothes, how to care for them properly, and even find responsible recycling or resale options. DPPs empower consumers to contribute to a circular economy in ways they might not have considered before.

Compliance Sparks Change, Experience Defines Winners

DPPs are emerging as a key solution, not just for environmental responsibility, but also for enhanced customer experiences. 

This partnership equips brands with the tools they need to create just that. DPPs allow brands to connect directly with their customers and provide them with exclusive content, services and experiences regardless of where they purchased the product or how long they have owned it. 

Having deeper connections with their customers, brands can carve out a unique space in the market and ensure their continued relevance in the years to come.

“I am excited to see how brands can get creative with DPP content. I suspect a lot of brands will include information around product care, sustainability, and support. After's really up to the brand and now there's a new channel for those game-changing marketing campaigns. Think Spotify Wrapped, but instead of that guilty pleasure playlist, it's a data-driven deep dive into a consumer's digital closet.”

- Bas van der Pol, Founder at Tappr

Partnering with a future-proof solution

We're looking forward to seeing how brands leverage this technology. From offering innovative sustainability initiatives to fostering deeper consumer connections, the possibilities are endless.  

This partnership is just the beginning – together, we're weaving a more sustainable and transparent future for the textile industry. 

From Charming

“Together with Tappr, Charming has the ability to provide a cost effective DPP and consumer engagement solution married with a fully integrated physical and digital workflow that exceeds customer expectations. Our two companies are well aligned in respect of our focus on delivering excellent customer service and the ability to flex our offer in a dynamic and ever changing retail landscape.”

- Andy Van Duyse, General Manager and Owner at Charming

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From Tappr

“Charming gets it. Their innovative approach to textiles, blending tech and creativity, perfectly aligns with our vision. They bring decades of industry-leading expertise to the table while still retaining a personal small-company feel, fostering a team genuinely invested in our brand's success. This is the kind of partnership we get excited about. They do the labels, we provide the software, and together, we're going to bring a ton of value to apparel brands.”

- Bas van der Pol, Founder at Tappr

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